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Friday, October 28, 2016

Susanna Leonard Hill's Halloweensie Writing Contest

Thanks to one of my critique members, I found out about Susanna's interesting and challenging Halloweensie writing contest. The conditions of this year's contest are: 1) Write a Halloween themed story, 2) keep the word count under 101, and 3) include the words spider, ghost and moon in the story (any form of these three words is okay too). So here is my entry into the contest. I wasn't sure if I was going to have time to revise or even submit a different story so I submitted this one.Unfortunately, once I filed an entry there's no going back. So for your reading pleasure, see my other entry below entitled Halloween Fears.

What Should I Wear For Halloween? (99 words)

It’s Halloween and I don’t have a costume yet!
I could be a scary ghost with rattling chains, but…
We don’t have any white sheets or chains.
Perhaps a creepy spider with webs, but…
Where can I find six more legs?
YES, I’ll dress up like a big old black cat, but …
No one will be able to see me!
OH, NO! I forgot about the full moon tonight.
My costume, “HOOOOWL”, has picked me.
It’s one of the only good things about being
Born into a family of …werewolves.
That’ll do. Don’t run into me tonight!

Halloween Fears (99 words)

You probably think that I’m being silly,
But Halloween nights just gives me the willies.
The ghosts and the goblins look rather scary.
Now don’t get me started. MONSTERS ARE HAIRY!
I really don’t care about eating candy.
But treats, it appears, can be very handy.
The spiders are friendly when you give them snacks
And ghosts really like the moon marshmallow packs.
A witch and a warlock thanked me for the chews.
They used all that candy to brew two new stews.
Now wait just one minute. I’m feeling better.
Next Halloween night, I’ll be a go-getter!

Thanks for reading my stories!