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Thursday, November 12, 2015

PiBoIdMo, Day 12 and Other Events

So far this year's PiBoIdMo has been very interesting. I was lagging behind on several days, but was able to catch up today. The daily posts from the published writers have been very inspirational and filled with an abundance of great ideas and advice. This event is Tara Lazar's brainchild and I have participated three times counting this year. I'm going to try and actually make it to the end this year. I was unable to finish the other years.

I also participated in the #KidPit today on Twitter set up by Heidi Norrod. Writers for kids tweet 140 character tweets about their respective books in an attempt  to get an agent or editor to favor your tweet or "Twitch" as they call it. This can lead to getting one of your manuscripts critiqued by editors or agents. The event lasted six hours.

The week of Halloween, I entered Suzanne Hill's Halloweenie Writing Contest too. The theme was to write a story related to Halloween and include the words costume, dark and haunt (or any form of these words) in it with a word count of no more than 100. It was challenging, especially with such a small word count.

I'm now preparing my entry for the NE-SCBWI's  Peg Davol Picture Book Critique Scholarship Program. Marguerite (Peg) was a long time member of SCBWI and the author of a number of children's books including "The Paper Dragon". The deadline for this event is December 10, 2015. There are two categories,
published and unpublished book writers.

That's all for now.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Susanna Leonard Hill's 5th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest

Thanks to one of my critique members, I found out about an interesting and challenging Halloween writing contest. The conditions of the contest are: 1) Write a Halloween themed story, 2) keep the word count under 101, and 3) include the words costume, dark and haunt in the story (any forms of these three words is okay too). So here is my entry into the contest. Wish me luck.

A Costume Party at the Dark, Haunted House

By Ken Major

A Costume Party at the Dark, Haunted House,
Read the invitation from my friend, the Mouse.
Rabbit, Fox, Cat and Dog were invited too,
Along with some others from the local zoo.

Cat went as a dog and Dog went as a cat.
Rabbit went as a fox, Fox went as a rat.
Monkey as a lion, Lion as a fowl.
Zebra went as a bear, Bear went as an owl.

Giraffe went as a horse, Horse went as a goat.
And I, Owl, went as an old howling coyote…

To the costume party at the dark, haunted house.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Writers For Kids Ride Again!

Over the past five years, I have participated in a number of critique groups, both large and small. Those groups all disbanded for various reasons.  A year and a half ago,  I started a new critique group using Yahoo groups called Writers for Kids (WFK). We had six members in the beginning, but the usual things began to happen. One person lost interest, while another was too busy with her regular job to continue. By the end of last year, the group was down to three members.

Since that time, the remaining members except me, the moderator, decided to leave the group. However, thanks to the SCBWI website, I was able to recruit five new members. I had forgotten how much fun it was to actively participate in such a group. Writers for Kids is back in business and I just completed my first critique for the group. Each new member brings good energy and some unique skills to the table and that should bode well for the group.