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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Waiting Begins

On January 31, 2013, I took the day off from my regular job. I spent the morning polishing my entry for this year's Highlights Fiction Contest. Around 11:30 am, I went down to the local Staples to make a copy of my entry since my printer/scanner/copier stopped working. Shortly thereafter, I mailed my entry at the post office after getting it postmarked since it was the last day entries are allowed to be submitted.

My entry is a little different this year. Rather than writing a typical fictional story like I've done in seven previous attempts, I juiced it up a bit. Here's a clue to the content of my story, it involves a canine food critic.Now we all know that dogs tend to eat almost anything so it's kind of a paradox to have a dog food critic.I imagine that all food establishments would prefer to have such a critic with the certainty that the report would be quite complimentary.

Now it's time to wait. But I already have too many other writing projects in the works. I intend on keeping busy and trying not to think about the outcome. The winning entries won't be announced until late May or early June. That's a ways off.

Bon appetite!


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