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Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Ant Story

Here's an excerpt from a story I wrote for the Highlights for Children's Fiction Contest several years ago.

The story was entitled "Grandma's Cookies". The main character is a carpenter ant that lives with an elderly couple.

I often hang out in Grandma’s kitchen and sample the different batches. This can be hard though because the bowls and plates are high up on the table or counter. One day while watching Grandma from on top of a chair, I slipped and almost fell head first into a bowl of chocolate chip batter. It’s not easy being the smallest in the family. But these treats are worth the effort.

Sometimes I get lucky and find pieces of cookies lying around the kitchen. If it’s near dinnertime, I don’t want to get in trouble for ruining my appetite so I won’t eat them. I’ll hide them in a secret place and save them for dessert.

Every Christmas Eve, Grandma leaves me two special cookies with some milk.  But I have to make sure to eat my snack before the old, white bearded guy in the red and white suit appears. He thinks those cookies and milk are for him.

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