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Friday, October 30, 2015

Susanna Leonard Hill's 5th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest

Thanks to one of my critique members, I found out about an interesting and challenging Halloween writing contest. The conditions of the contest are: 1) Write a Halloween themed story, 2) keep the word count under 101, and 3) include the words costume, dark and haunt in the story (any forms of these three words is okay too). So here is my entry into the contest. Wish me luck.

A Costume Party at the Dark, Haunted House

By Ken Major

A Costume Party at the Dark, Haunted House,
Read the invitation from my friend, the Mouse.
Rabbit, Fox, Cat and Dog were invited too,
Along with some others from the local zoo.

Cat went as a dog and Dog went as a cat.
Rabbit went as a fox, Fox went as a rat.
Monkey as a lion, Lion as a fowl.
Zebra went as a bear, Bear went as an owl.

Giraffe went as a horse, Horse went as a goat.
And I, Owl, went as an old howling coyote…

To the costume party at the dark, haunted house.


  1. I like the way you got all the required words in the first sentence. Very nice work. =)

  2. Thanks, Greg. I appreciate the positive feedback. Did you enter the contest too?

  3. Great pace. The imagery of all these animals in other animal costumes is terrific. Happy Halloweensie.

  4. Thanks, Teresa. Happy Halloweensie to you too! This contest has got some serious competition. There are so many great entries.

  5. The illustration possibilities are great! Nice job and good luck!

  6. The illustration possibilities are great! Nice job and good luck!

  7. Thanks for stopping by and for leaving your comments, Erik.

  8. I'm enjoying visualizing all the animals as others, wolves in sheep's clothes, without the malice!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments, Mike. Good luck in the contest.

  9. Wow! Great story, Ken! I love the idea. Made me smile. Happy Halloween to you. Good luck.

  10. Thanks, Sharon. I liked your story too.

  11. What a cute story, Ken! Love how they all went as each other :) Thanks so much for joining in the Halloweensie fun!

  12. Thanks for running the contest, Susanna. I enjoyed working on the story!

  13. Although I didn't place in the contest, I believe I have the beginnings of a new PB story. My poem/story lacked a middle and end, should have mentioned Halloween in the title, although it seems obvious to me its set on Halloween night and the rhyming meter had some issues.