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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Say Hello to Somerset-The Upside Down Pouch

      In this part of the story, Kellie and Karl, Somerset's parents discuss Somerset and Kellie's upside down

      "Karl, do you think we'll be able to keep Somerset safe until she gets bigger?  And do

you think the others will treat us differently when they discover our secret?" asked Kellie.

     "We'll be able to protect her.  But I'm not sure how the other kangaroos will

react to our secret."

     "Why did I have to be born this way?" wondered Kellie.
     " I don't know, Kellie.  But Somerset is small.  She'll be able to climb around and stay

inside your pouch with a little help from us.  I also have an idea how we can keep her

safe.  We can put a flat piece of eucalyptus in your upside down pouch and wedge it in

place. As Somerset grows, we can put in smaller and smaller pieces," suggested Karl.

     "I don't know if I want a piece of wood put in my pouch.  Besides, it's probably just

going to fall out once I start hopping around," said Kellie.

     "Not if we put some sticky sap from that tree on the edges," stated Karl.

     "And how am I suppose to get the wood off my hair after it's stuck to it?  I think

it's really going to hurt when we try to pull it off," replied Kellie.

     Just after she said it, Kellie started to feel bad.  She needed to do whatever possible

to keep Somerset safe, even if it meant having to feel some pain.

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